Dental Implantation All-on-8 in Antalya, Turkey

All-on-8 Dental Implants in Antalya, Turkey
  • Anaesthesia: local
  • Guarantee: 15 years
  • Price: £2 100
  • Timescale: 5 days

The innovative All-on-8 implantation method at TurSmile in Antalya, Turkey, is considered one of the most comfortable for the patient due to the use of a sufficient number of implants.

As a result, the patient receives a highly durable full dentures Turkey, characterised by increased resistance to chewing pressure and the ability to quickly replace without removing the entire device.

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All-on-8 Dental Implantation in Antalya: What Is It?

All-on-8 Dental Implants in Antalya, Turkey

All-on-eight dental implantation is an innovative dental procedure that aims to completely restore dentition using eight dental implants.
This method creates a strong and secure foundation for complete denture installation, ensuring the restoration of smile aesthetics, bite function and patient’s self-esteem.

In the All-on-8 procedure, eight dental screws are placed into the patient’s upper or lower jaw. After this, a removable or fixed full-arched denture is attached to them, replacing the missing teeth.

In addition, by undergoing this procedure in Antalya patients have an excellent opportunity to combine business with pleasure: treatment and vacation.

All-on-8 Price in Antalya

Affordable dentist in Turkey prices make this country popular in the field of medical tourism, during which patients can easily combine treatment and vacation. Turkey is famous among foreign patients, especially from the UK, due to its modern clinics and high-quality services.

The price of All-on-8 in Antalya depends on the clinic’s location, the specialists’ experience, as well as the services included in the package and varies from £2000 to £6500.

When planning a procedure, it is crucial to consider both the price of the surgery itself and additional costs such as accommodation, transportation and other expenses. However, there are also All-inclusive packages that make dental vacation much easier for patients.

Other Dental Treatment in Turkey

All-on-6 Dental Implants

All-on-6 Dental Implants in Antalya, Turkey

All-on-4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 Dental Implants in Antalya, Turkey

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All-Inclusive All-on-8 Packages in Antalya

The price of full-mouth dental implants Turkey package deals ranges from £2000 to £6500 and usually includes a range of the following vacation services:

  • preliminary consultations and examinations (discussion of the treatment plan, X-ray examination, as well as assessment of the general condition of the teeth, gums and bone tissue);
  • the surgery itself;
  • production and installation of temporary and permanent full dentures Turkey;
  • control visits and healing procedures;
  • treatment of inflammation and complications;
  • airport transfer services, as well as accommodation and meals;
  • guarantees and postoperative care.

These All-inclusive packages make the procedure much easier for the patient and turn the procedure into an unforgettable dental vacation.

All-on-8 Placement Stages

All-on-8 includes four integral stages, the careful observance of which guarantees the success and durability of the result: preparation, surgery, recovery and prosthetics.

Preparation for the Surgery

Preparation for All-on-8 implantation usually includes the following steps:

These and other implant brands are available on the Turkish market, and patients usually have the opportunity to discuss options with their dentist.


The surgical stage of All-on-8 is a key process and goes through the following steps:

Completing all of these steps is critical to ensuring the success of the surgical phase of the All-on-8 treatment.


The healing process known as osseointegration is an essential part of recovery.

After surgery, it is crucial to ensure proper wound healing, which stabilises the implants and creates favourable conditions for healing to begin.

Osseointegration begins with the growth of bone cells around the implant surface, forming a strong bonding layer that ensures stable attachment of the implant to the jawbone tissue.

Your doctor may order follow-up visits and tests to check the progress of the healing process and ensure that the bone is recovering successfully.

The osseointegration phase can take several weeks to several months, depending on the patient’s characteristics, and patients can effectively use this time during their medical vacation.


After implant placement, the patient may receive temporary dentures (called temporary bridges) that provide esthetics and functionality while awaiting osseointegration and the fabrication of permanent dentures.

After the successful completion of the healing process, doctors can begin making permanent dentures that match the patient’s anatomical features and functional needs.

Once permanent dentures are made, they are placed on implants. All-on-8 prostheses provide a strong and durable fit, restoring the patient’s full chewing function and improving smile aesthetics.

After the installation of permanent prostheses, the patient receives recommendations for care and supportive therapy, and follow-up visits are scheduled to assess the adaptation and condition of the prostheses during use.


Lui Brown
Lui Brown
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"Very nice clinic TurSmile with great doctors and positive team. Prices are sooo cheap compared to other dental clinics in UK. I visited 3 dental clinic but this was the best so far. Also the decoration was amazing. Clinic looks better than a five star hotel. Definitely will visit again."
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Emily Rowling
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"I’m very happy with my results after I got my implants done! Doctor and all staff at TurSmile are very nice and friendly!"
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All-on-8 Indications in Antalya

Indications for the All-on-8 procedure may include the following situations:

Each patient may have different medical and anatomical considerations, so it is crucial to discuss all individual considerations with a dental professional during your consultation at TurSmile.

All-on-8 Treatment Advantages in Antalya

The reasons why many patients pay attention to this smile restoring method are the following:

All-on-8 Implantation Alternatives

In addition to All-on-8, TurSmile also offers highly demanded and popular alternatives such as All-on-4, All-on-6 and 3-on-6 implantation.

All-on-4 Dental Implants in Antalya, Turkey

The All-on-4 implant method is an innovative and effective way to replace lost teeth using significantly fewer implants.

As the name suggests, All-on-4 procedure uses only four screws to support the denture. This may be a significant factor for patients with less bone tissue volume.

Due to its minimal invasiveness, the recovery after All-on-4 is usually shorter than after All-on-8. This may mean that patients can return to their routine quickly.

Placing four screws instead of eight may be a faster procedure at an affordable price, which may be attractive to patients who value saving time and resources during their medical vacation.

All-on-6 Dental Implants in Antalya, Turkey

The next effective alternative to tooth replacement is the All-on-6 implant, which, as the name suggests, uses six implants to support a denture.

All-on-6 offers a compromise between the number of screws and the required stability to secure the denture. This can be a significant factor for patients who are not suitable for All-on-8.

The use of six screws provides a higher level of stability for the denture compared to the All-on-4 method.

This procedure also allows the chewing load to be distributed more evenly across the implants, ensuring a more durable result.

Patients can achieve the optimal balance between stability and resource savings with the All-on-6 treatment.

3-on-6 Dental Implants in Antalya, Turkey

3-on-6 treatment is a tooth replacement technique in which three screws are used to support six replaced teeth.

Using three implants can help conserve gums and bone tissue and provide a more optimal solution for patients with limited bone volume.

The 3-on-6 implant procedure may have a more favourable price for patients because it requires fewer screws and surgical procedures.

The recovery process after 3-on-6 is also faster, which may be attractive to patients seeking quick recovery.

In some cases where a small number of teeth need to be replaced, using three implants to support six replaced teeth may be the optimal solution.


Implant placement is painless! Local or general anaesthesia is usually used to reduce or eliminate pain during the procedure. It allows the patient to feel only slight pressure and discomfort, not severe pain.

Definitely yes! This country is known for its advanced clinics, equipment and qualified medical personnel. Many Turkish clinics actively follow modern trends and standards in the field of dentistry.

Here are some useful aftercare adviсe for your dental implants:

  • maintain good oral hygiene and use a soft toothbrush;
  • use mild toothpastes to avoid damage to gum tissues;
  • visit your dentist regularly;
  • avoid chewing hard objects such as pencils, ice and others;
  • stop smoking and drinking alcohol;
  • eat healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals;
  • follow your doctor’s instructions and recommendations.

Under perfect conditions, with regular dental visits and good care of your teeth, All-on-8 dental implants can last a lifetime.
Regular and proper dental care plays a crucial role in extending the implant life. Smoking and alcohol drinking can negatively impact their longevity.
Of course, the skill and experience of the dentist performing the procedure also plays an essential role in the long-term success of All-on-8. For this reason, we recommend you choose a specialist at TueSmile.

Choosing Turkey and our clinic for an implantation procedure can be justified for a number of the following reasons:

  • availability of qualified specialists capable of providing high-quality medical services;
  • the most modern technical solutions and equipment;
  • the most affordable and attractive dentist in Turkey prices;
  • comfortable conditions in clinics and attention to the needs of patients;
  • availability of full-mouth dental implants Turkey package deals, allowing
  • you to experience Turkish rich history, beautiful beaches and amazing sights during your vacation.

Sign up for a consultation with TurSmile right now and see all the listed benefits from personal experience!


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