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By using this <> website which directed and conducted by TURSMILE PRIVATE HEALTHCARE SERVICES ORAL AND DENTAL HEALTH, CONSTRUCTION, TOURISM, TRADE LLC (“TURSMILE”) you agree and consent that we and third parties can store and access cookies, IP addresses and use other tracking technology methods to enable our web site’s functionality, collect aggregated data about website usage, improve your online experience and manage and tailor our advertising and service communications with you. There are means of cookies, disablement procedures and more information regarding to them has set out below if you choose to do so. Therefore, you can change your preferences or update them as you wish.


A cookie is a small text files that is placed and stored on your browser’s directory or device by a platform which enables to keep track of your movements, preferences, and other customization functions in order to provide better services. Cookies allow a website owner to distinguish the activities carried out from your device from other users of that website, therefore they help us to provide you more improved services.


As TurSmile, we use different types of cookies for different purposes. First party cookies are cookies which has set out by TurSmile while the third-party cookies set out by third party platforms. You will find detailed explanations below, as to cookies regarding to purposes they serve and durations which set out by TurSmile to inform you.

By their duration,

  • Session cookies: Session cookies allow users to be recognized within a website or any other platforms which directed by TurSmile so any page changes or item or data selection you do is remembered from page to page and they help you to manoeuvre through the internet by remembering your actions, and they expire as soon as you close out of a web page. The purpose of these cookies is to maintain the persistence and security of your visit and they will only remain active during your session.
  • Persistent cookies: Persistent cookies help websites store your information and settings to your computer and other devices in order to use them and they will not be expired automatically and will remain even after a while from your visit. Besides authentication, other website features made possible by persistent cookies to remember your preferences among many others. The main aim behind these cookies is to provide better and faster service by increasing the functionality of the website.

By their scope,

  • Performance Cookies: These allow us to count the number of visitors, times of visits, possible error messages and to see how visitors move around our website and these data aggregated to improve the way our websites performances and none of this information can be used to identify you.
  • Functionality Cookies: These cookies allow the website to remember choices you make beforehand and provide enhanced, more personal features.
  • Third Party Cookies: These are created by domains other than the one you are visiting directly, hence the name third-party. They serve for functions such as cross-site tracking, retargeting and ad-serving.

By purposes;

  • Strictly necessary cookies; These cookies are essential for you to browse the website and use its features, such as accessing secure areas of the site. These cookies will generally be first-party session cookies.
  • Secure Cookies; In order to maintain our operations security as a data controller, we are using cookies to provide security to our website via determining fluctuations.
  • Functional Cookies: These cookies allow the website to remember choices you make earlier and provide enhanced, more personal features in order to maintain customer satisfaction.
  • Performance Cookies: As a data controller, in order to maintain our operations, marketing performances and analyses we need to collect anonymous information about how you use this website and its features. They determine, times of visits, number of visitors and other customer interactions and behavioural patterns.
  • Advertisement Cookies: These cookies record your visit to our websites, the pages you have visited and actions you have taken. Third party cookies are used to in order to provide you more personalised advertisements and to help us analyse our customers’ behaviour. Additionally, we may share this information with third parties for this purpose.

Cookies which are used by TurSmile;

  • Do not harm your computer or contain any harmful software and viruses,
  • Mandatory regarding to the full capacity of our website interface features,
  • Helps us to understand how the visitors use our website and aggregate the statistical data in order to improve our contents,
  • Helps you to make your next visit easier and faster to our website,
  • Lastly, never collect, process or store any personal data which relates to an identified or an identifiable natural person and cookies cannot be considered as personal data.

In the light of detailed information which has given above, you can find a table below which sets out explaining the purpose of these and where applicable used by TurSmile;







Google Analytics is a web analysis tool that analyses how users use the website. In addition to anonymous information, personal data about your use of the website (name, address, phone number, e-mail address, IP address) are sent to Google by your browser and saved by Google.



Doubleclick and Adwords

It is a customised ad development cookie developed by Google and running on Google’s servers. It helps to provide a personalised advertising experience by matching the personal data you provide to Google with your visit data on our website.




The information collected by Yandex Metrics cookie cannot identify you, but it can help us improve our site. Information about the use of this site by you, collected with the help of a cookie, will be transferred to Yandex and stored on the Yandex server in the EU and the Russian Federation. Yandex will process this information to evaluate the use of your site, compiling reports on the activities of our site, and providing other services. Yandex processes this information in the order established in the conditions of using the Yandex.Metrics service.




The Facebook pixel drops a cookie-like code in the web browsers of visitors on our website so you can advertise to them again later via our social media accounts as to remarketing productivity.


We use Intercom’s cookies to offer you a much better and personalised support. Intercom; It keeps your browser, device, language option, pages you visit, operating system as anonymized.



Cookies held anonymously by Hotjar, a website testing tool. Hotjar; It keeps your browser, device, language option, pages you visit, operating system as anonymized.


Connect/Custom Audience

Facebook Connect is a customised ad development cookie developed by the social media tool Facebook and running on Facebook’s servers. It helps to provide a personalised advertising experience by matching the personal data you provide to Facebook with your visit data on our website.

WordPress Stats

They are cookies that keep website visit data anonymous on WordPress servers of the content management system. These data are kept anonymous for statistical purposes only.




These are cookies that provide the production of analytical results such as the number of visitors to our website, the detection of the pages displayed on the website, the hours of visits to the website, the scrolling movements of the website pages.



It notifies the user by e-mail when new results appear on the Google search page, which may occur with articles about news, products or users.

Search Console

It shares the information about which questions you reach our clinic website by typing in the Google search engine.



It is a service that allows us to obtain information about the queries made by Yandex users.



Data Studio

Organizing the data of visitors to our website and obtaining reports from the data.



It is an internet application that monitors every website that links to web pages.


AdWords Conversion Code

It is used for tracking the targets set within the site.


Remarketing Cookie

It is used to track on-site user habits and to create remarketing campaigns.


Conversion Tracking and Custom Audience Creation Code

To follow Facebook conversions and to optimize accordingly, to create special target audiences from people who visit our website or to create special target audiences from people who visit our mobile application.


Mandatory cookies we use for the operation of our site:

  • wordpress_test_cookie
  • wordpress_logged_in_
  • wordpress_sec
  • pll_language

Cookies used on our site according to user preference:

  • _ga
  • _gid
  • _gat
  • m_pixel_ratio
  • presence
  • sb
  • wd
  • xs
  • fr
  • tr
  • c_user
  • datr
  • _ym_d
  • _ym_uid
  • _hjClosedSurveyInvites
  • _hjDonePolls
  • _hjMinimizedPolls
  • _hjDoneTestersWidgets
  • _hjMinimizedTestersWidgets
  • _hjIncludedInSample


It is possible to set your browsers or devices to accept all cookies, reject or delete cookies at any time and your browser will present you such options regarding to the cookie management. Besides, you can adjust your cookies settings to notify you when a cookie is issued. Lastly, it is also possible to delete all the cookies which have been stored before you change your settings. Each browser is different, so check the ‘help’, ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences and they are accessible by the service provider at any time based on the browser that you are using. Hence, as TurSmile, we would like to provide you the following links that enable more information and instructions on cookie settings for rejecting, deleting or allowing for commonly used browsers:

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox



Microsoft Edge


In relation to advertising cookies, if you are in the EU you can use the website which allows you to set which advertising cookie providers you accept, and which you do not. You can manage cookies set by third parties by visiting the specific websites of these third parties.

As TurSmile we may cooperate with authorised service providers to advertise and manage our website and other services. These service providers authorised by us may use cookies and other similar technologies for storing information and unique identifiers for determining your IP address in order to help provide you better, faster and safer services.

We often feature products or service links on our website that are hosted on by third parties. Although these links are made by us and displayed on our website, the content actually comes from independent third-party domains; therefore, you may receive their cookies which TurSmile is not responsible of. We don’t control the setting of these cookies, so it’s worth checking the third-party website for more information about their cookies and how to manage them.

Date of the last update : 20/01/2024

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