Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Price

  • Anaesthesia: local
  • Guarantee: 15 years
  • Price: £1 490
  • Timescale: 5 days

The favourable and affordable cost of full mouth implants in Turkey attracts patients from all over the world, especially from the UK.

Thanks to the low cost and availability of All-inclusive packages, you can get perfect teeth in the shortest possible time, combining treatment with a pleasant vacation.

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What Is Full Mouth Dental Implantation?

Full mouth dental implants are strong and reliable dental structures consisting of several implants placed into the jawbone and serving as prosthesis support that covers the entire teeth arch.

This dental procedure is an effective solution for patients who are missing many teeth or an entire row of teeth.

Dental implants at TurSmile can provide significant benefits in terms of comfort, self-confidence and overall health for patients who value this treatment as a long-term quality of life enhancement.

How Much to Get Teeth Done in Turkey?

Teeth implants Turkey price depends on the clinic, the doctor’s experience, the materials and technologies used, the number of implants required for installation, and the clinic’s location.

The cost of dental implants in Turkey ranges from £1 300 to £4 500 for the entire treatment, including all stages: consultation, surgical installation of implants, prosthetics and rehabilitation.

Choosing a dental clinic with a good reputation, licensed staff and quality materials, such as TurSmile, is crucial for achieving optimal results and ensuring a safe procedure.

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Affordable Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Packages

All-inclusive packages for dental implants are convenient deals that include additional services, making your entire treatment journey as comfortable and worry-free as possible.

These packages provide the following services:

Cost of Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Package Deals

All-inclusive teeth implants Turkey price ranges from £1 300 to £4 500 and higher. This includes the cost of consultation, surgical procedure for installing implants, making a prosthesis, accommodation, transfer and other additional services.

For this money, patients receive an integrated approach to dental treatment, high-quality medical services, comfortable living conditions and an individual approach to each patient.

When choosing an All-inclusive dental package, it is essential to clarify what specific services are included in the package, the duration of treatment, possible risks and quality guarantees.

How Are Full Mouth Dental Implants Placed?

The process of installing dental implants includes the following:

Who Is Suitable for Full Mouth Dental Implantation?

Dental implants are usually useful for patients with the following problems:

Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Packages Benefits

Implants package offerings provide the following benefits:

Implantation Package Deals Reviews

dental implants in Turkey
dental implants in Turkey

Patients note the high quality of dental services, the professionalism of doctors and the use of advanced technologies and materials when performing full-mouth dental implantation.

Many note that the cost of Turkish implants is more affordable compared to the UK, which makes this procedure attractive from an economic point of view.

Patients highly appreciate the level of service, including the provision of All-inclusive package dental services, comfortable reception and living conditions, as well as care for patients throughout the entire treatment.


Lui Brown
Lui Brown
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"Very nice clinic TurSmile with great doctors and positive team. Prices are sooo cheap compared to other dental clinics in UK. I visited 3 dental clinic but this was the best so far. Also the decoration was amazing. Clinic looks better than a five star hotel. Definitely will visit again."
Emily Rowling
Emily Rowling
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"I’m very happy with my results after I got my implants done! Doctor and all staff at TurSmile are very nice and friendly!"
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Full Mouth Dental Implantation Alternatives

In addition to full mouth dental implants, there are several alternative treatment methods for restoring dentition:

Why Choose Dental Tourism in Turkey?

Turkey is famous for its high level of quality medical services in the field of dentistry.

Prices for Turkish dental services are generally more affordable compared to many other countries, making dental tourism very attractive.

Many clinics offer convenient All-inclusive dental packages Turkey that provide patients not only with medical treatment but also with accommodation, transfers and additional services.

In addition to procedure, dental tourism provides the opportunity to combine a trip with relaxation and acquaintance with the culture, history and natural attractions of this amazing country.

Why Choose TurSmile and Our All-Inclusive Dental Packages Turkey?

Each patient at TurSmile is treated as a unique individual. Doctors and staff apply an individual and careful approach to each case, taking into account all the characteristics and wishes of the patient.

Our clinic works with advanced technologies and innovative techniques. Only the most modern materials and equipment are used here to achieve optimal results.

Patients of our dental clinic are immersed in an atmosphere of comfort and cosiness. Caring staff and convenient reception conditions make the treatment process as pleasant and carefree as possible.

We offer unique All-inclusive dental packages that include not only top-notch medical care but also additional amenities.


Various well-known brands of dental implants are used for full mouth implants, including:

  • Straumann, which is considered one of the world’s leading manufacturers of implants of high quality, reliability and durability;
  • Nobel Biocare, whose products are known for their high level of innovation and clinically proven effectiveness;
  • Zimmer Biomet, which offers a variety of dental implants, including specialised solutions for implants.

Teeth implants are associated with certain risks:

  • risk of infection at the surgical site;
  • a rare possibility of implant rejection by the jawbone;
  • irritation or inflammation of the gums around the implants;
  • risk of damage to surrounding tissues such as nerves, blood vessels or bones;
  • uncontrolled healing process or lack of osseointegration;
  • pain during the healing period;
  • the possibility of general complications related to anaesthesia, bleeding, or reactions to medications used.

The dental implant procedure is carried out under local or general anaesthesia to ensure comfort and reduce pain for the patient.

After surgery, you may experience some discomfort, such as slight pain, swelling, and a feeling of pressure in the jawbone area. These sensations are usually manageable and can be relieved with pain medications prescribed by your doctor.

The initial consultation and treatment planning may take several days to a week, depending on the preparation procedures.

The surgical procedure itself to place the implants usually takes a few hours to half a day, and there may be some recovery time afterwards.

A period of healing and osseointegration after implant placement is required, lasting from several months to six months.

High-quality implants from leading manufacturers, installed correctly and following all standards, can last for decades and even throughout the patient’s life.

Regular care of implants, proper hygiene, and visiting your dentist for routine checkups can significantly extend their lifespan.

It is safe to undergo implant surgery, especially if you choose a qualified and licensed TurSmile clinic with experienced and reputable specialists.

The procedure safety also depends on the quality of the materials used. We work with high-quality implants, ensuring the reliability and durability of treatment.

Our clinic follows strict sanitation and hygiene standards to ensure patients safety.

Make sure that the package you choose includes all stages of treatment, from consultation to rehabilitation, and provides a high level of medical care.

Consider your budget, choose a package that suits your financial capabilities and do not forget about the cost of treatment and additional services.

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